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What Is Bitcoin Code?

Bitcoin Code is a revolutionary software for making money trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Despite having been around since 2009, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have only risen to stardom and really stepped into the limelight in the last few years. With this fame and popularity, more and more people are looking to trade and profit from virtual currencies.

Crypto trading has fueled a new generation of traders made up of regular people, young and old,that have made small fortunes in recent years from cryptocurrencies. We have only just begun seeing the potential, but the reason that more people are not capitalizing is that they fear the unknown and they don’t know how to trade. But Bitcoin Code has been changing this with amazing success…

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The Bitcoin Code Revolution

Back in 2011, a young , bright and enthusiastic junior trader by the name Steve McKay joined a top Wall Street investment bank. Steve was tasked with uncovering new technologies that would ultimately disrupt the world and present massive profit generating potential. Steve’s passion for technology and love for programming and trading eventually led him to cryptocurrencies. Immediately, Steve saw how virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, would change the world.

Steve spent day and night understanding the technology, how it worked and how to trade cryptos. Finally, he presented his ideas to the management board and they too, immediately saw that the crypto revolution was coming. With this positive feedback, they sent Steve back to the drawing board, but now they wanted him to build anautomated piece of software that could identify crypto trading opportunities and to detect precisely when to execute trades to maximize profits.

Steve set to work, but the challenge was just beginning because in order to build a system that would be able to trade cryptocurrencies with accuracy, he would need huge volumes of historical trading data, which clearly didn’t exist yet. For the next 2 years, Steve spent every waking hour trading Bitcoinand various other cryptocurrencies, recording ever trade and analyzing it. At Steve collected more and more data, his knowledge and experience grew literally by the day and he started to see the patterns and began developing algorithms and strategies that he continued testing and refining. Despite his extreme success, Steve still was not satisfied. He turned to the dealing desk and selected 20 of the most seasoned professional traders from his firm to test his new piece of software.

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Bitcoin Code Success

In early 2014, Steve’s internal beta project went live and in a single day, his team of testers were simply blown away. In a single trading session, his testing team netted the firm more than $1 million in profit and that was with a limited test budget. Bitcoin Code was a success! After a full month of beta testing, optimizing and generating insane profits, Steve presented the results to the board. They were simply astounded, but the path forward would not be an easy one.

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The New Challenge

Despite the incredible power and success of Bitcoin Code, Steve as forced to shutdown his project. Cryptocurrencies were still not approved or regulated by the SEC which meant the firm would not be allowed to trade crypto or use Bitcoin Code for that matter. Steve was not about to give up; just because the business couldn’t use his software, it didn’t mean private individualscouldn’t use it. Steve approached the board and asked them if he could take Bitcoin Code in lieu of his bonus, as he wanted to pursue it further as a private individual, to which they agreed.

Bitcoin Code Goes Mainstream

Steve quit his job and for the remainder of 2014, Steve traded just for himselfwith his own capital using his Bitcoin Code software. Steve keptrefining the software, adding new features and enhancements to make Bitcoin Code completely automated and to ensure that it was easy to use, especiallyfor people completely new to trading. His goal was to release a system that would be able to make profits with just a few clicks of the mouse. In January 2015, Steve went live and made Bitcoin Code available to a limited number of private users and the results were phenomenal. Within in a month, all his users were averaging $1,500 profit per day for only 15-20 minutes of work.

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The Rest is History

Finally, Bitcoin Code had proved its worth and had turned average,everyday people, into millionaires. Satisfied with the power and success of Bitcoin Code, Steve finally launched Bitcoin Code to the public and as they say in the classics: “The rest is history”.

Today, Steve and his team continue to develop Bitcoin Code, making it even better, more user-friendly and helping to transform peoples’ lives.

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